Thursday, April 11, 2013

If They Only Had A Gun

I guess it is a good thing we are proposing tighter gun control laws, so that we can prevent violent attacks such as that one on the campus of Lonestar Community College; oh wait.....  Apparently this guy used a box cutter; well good luck to all the people who have to open boxes now.  Maybe they can just use their teeth instead, or at least until 14 people suffer serious wounds from being bit.  I will admit that it is easier to run from a knife than it is a bullet, but it is also not easy to hit a running target.  If only he could have sent his school psychiatrist a notebook, detailing his planned attacks, then he would have been stopped.  Wait......, I guess forewarning people, as the Colorado shooter did, about your planned attacks does not warrant further investigation, admission into a psychiatric ward, or detainment.  Maybe if he was wearing a turbine, and could be deemed a terrorist, someone would have acted more quickly.  So basically people have to create more legislation to stop events that they had the resources to prevent in the first place.  Kind of like creating the Department of Homeland Security, so that we could stop terrorist, so that we can stop another 911, when we already had the chance to "Zero Dark Thirty" Bin Laden a long time ago.  Well, I guess what ever it takes to motivate US citizens into allowing an increase in our Defense Budget, so we can give it to overpaid defense contractors.  All considered, I think it is kind of ironic that an Administration, who allowed the smuggling of illegal arms, via "Fast and Furious", is concerned over the dangers of putting guns into the wrong hands.

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