Friday, April 5, 2013

Gold/ Silver Investment

What do you think about gold and silver prices?  Do you think they will go down more?  I think gold is at an attractive level, but if the government issues more gold certificates then it could bring the price down.  So far, it seems like it is at its support level.  I have not really researched silver yet.   Does anyone know of any reputable dealers?  I think I am going to go by some local gold and silver dealers here in Greensboro, look at their inventory\pricing and try to gain a little knowledge.

Update:  As far as I can tell, Ashmore Rare Coins and The Gold and Silver Shop are the best places for buying silver in the Greensboro, NC area.  They are both A+ at the Better Business Bureau, and the employees are knowledgeable.  I tend to like the people at Ashmore a little more, because they just seem friendlier to me, and seem to be more willing to give you the Ins and Outs of precious metal buying,  granted they may deal with a better clientele than G&S,and have even went out of their way to show me some ways to spot fake coins. 

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