Friday, July 19, 2013


You Have Got to Be Freaking Kidding Me!!!

Did someone pay this guy to say this, or is this his way of being dryly sarcastic?

Is he really that big of a ra-tard?  Would not surprise me coming from Yahoo.

Maybe he thinks he needs to spend his money now, being that, if put into a savings account, it will be worth less later down the road.  In that case, he could always invest in stocks, that become inflated due to the devaluation of the dollar, or  gold and silver.

Also, with the coming of an even bigger housing\economic crash, the things he spent his money on are going to be a burden instead of an investment.  He could always buy at the bottom and sale at the top, then rent till the prices come back down, but that dialogue does not seem to be present in this article.

And the Douche Bag of the Week Award goes too...............

* I hope this guy falls asleep in his car, while it is running in his garage.